Dealing with grief

I attended a friend’s funeral today, and his family and friends spoke at length about his many great qualities: vitality, respect, sensitivity, strength, humor. His wife led the recollection and painted a moving portrait of an elegant, loving man.

Moments like these raise urgent questions about how we help others and ourselves fill the holes that grief hollows out. Part of my interest in the Cloud9000 blogging project is to find and promote credible answers for people who want to know how to move through pain and sorrow to happiness and joy.

I believe that God can and will help us by making us capable of hope. I want Him to put in our way the small things we count on–a dinner party with friends, a helpful store clerk, a brilliant, starry sky, a joke–to divert us for a moment so that we remember what it feels like to love the world and our lives.

I worry that searching for a happier path will seem superficial to people who are struggling with heavy burdens. We don’t mean to be glib or naive. Maybe it’s a matter of deciding what we mean by "happy." Part of that is the capacity to be grateful for where we are right now, whatever that may mean. Some days it may be just a blind faith that something could be better some time in the future.

1 thought on “Dealing with grief

  1. Flo

    I’m thinking about how much we don’t acknowledge the “small things we can count on”. That we somehow take them for granted, not recognizing that they create continuity and a strong sense of belonging that we need. Two things that feed into our level of happiness.

    Sometimes we’re just “too busy” to engage in those “small things” and we end up with a rather empty life. Those “small things” aren’t so small after all.

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