Bill Simmons of

I take my inspiration wherever I can find it, and often it comes from really great pieces of writing that take me by surprise. Tonight, I read a column on the NBA by’s Bill Simmons called “Thank you for the Suns.” In it, Simmons claims that the Phoenix Suns basketball team may become the greatest basketball team in 20 years. What thrilled me reading the piece is that I’m not much of a basketball fan these days, and I’m unlikely to start watching a lot of games, but Simmons loves the game and makes you want to love it too.

He argues that we’re in an era of pro sports when there are no truly great players in the team sports. This leaves him hoping that the Suns may be the great team he’s been hoping to find. Then he builds the case for why they are such good players and so fun to watch. By the end of the article, I wanted to see a game on TV, and I wanted to watch them play the Celtics when they come to town.

What really grabbed me about the article was that I like it when anyone is really excited about anything and is able to explain why. I love watching sports because you occasionally see those moments when athletes, through their tremendous hard work and collaboration, attain a level of excellence that exceeds your expectations. It’s rare in my corporate job that I experience the fast pace and rhythm of a fast game.

It’s really nice to see adults take child’s play and enhance it with surpassing diligence and execution. Read the column if you like sports at all.