Looking Forward

Flo’s post http://cloud9000.com/flo/2007/01/30/moving-forward/  and Michael’s, to which she refers, raise an essential point. There is no progress in looking backwards (though as I say that, I wonder about Freudian psychotherapy). For me that’s true. My tendency is to look too far forward. Flo is right: the power of meditation is watching only the present moment.

Too often at work I’m wondering what I should be doing next, after I finish my current task. It would be more productive to finish the current task.

At my writing teacher’s suggestion, I am writing poetry now, to develop the knack of finishing things. When you finish anything, it gets easier to let the future worry about itself.

This sounds pretty trite, but the reminder isn’t. I’m afraid to look the present squarely in the eye sometimes. I’m worried I won’t like my options. But people I admire like their options. Surely I could copy them.

I’m in the mood to give practical advice. So here it is for tonight. Find friends who know how to attack the present head on, whether or not they are intimidated. Flo does that. Michael does that. Eirene does that. That’s a lot of models to start with.