Monday holidays are a super invention. I have felt for a long time that 3-day weekends are the perfect length to rest up for the work week. You get an extra day’s sleep without an early alarm; you have time to run errands, relax, and do projects; and you know that the rest of the week is a short one.

Mainly, the long weekends helps me focus on having fun and getting things done. But, there is also the holiday itself. In the case of Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday, we get the chance to remember the life and contribution of a man who inspired other people to change our society.

This new year, I am looking all over for inspiration, especially the kind that pushes me closer to a life that makes a difference. For some reason 2009 already feels like a year in which we can all make a difference, starting with our new president and the belief that he and his team will be able to help turn some of our problems around.

Inspiration and hope go hand in hand for me. I’m feeling hopeful, and that has made me feel ready: ready to write, ready to help my friends, ready to make a difference. MLK made a difference. Barack Obama is ready to make a difference.

Why not us? Why not me?