Taking the Time

Fall is definitely here in the New England. I wake up and the air is cool, crisp and refreshing. I really enjoy this season and time of year.

I take the time to enjoy it. I make sure that I spend a few extra moments relishing in the feelings. I remember positive experiences associated with the fall season. I have many to choose from. I find this helps to reinforce the enjoyment I’m experiencing even more.

It is vital that we take the time to enjoy things we really love, things that make us smile and things that ignite our passions. You might be saying, “I don’t have the time to do any of that. I have responsibilities and commitments.”¬†But, it doesn’t take that much effort. In fact a few focused minutes can change the outlook of your entire day.

When we give ourselves these moments, we fundamentally change who we are inside. These little gifts of time tell us that we are important and that we care for ourselves. You’ll be happier and the people around you will be positively affected.

Take a few minutes for yourself today. Do it again tomorrow. And again the day after.