ABC’s – Visualize it

ABC’s – Visualize it

You know, I struggled with this one through the years. My Sports Coaches would say it, my Professors would say it, my counselor, my boss…. but I still didn’t quite get to the “goal”. So I thought. 🙂 I had, however, started an internal dialog that said “I don’t know how to do that”. I was also incorrect there.

Through the last few months I have found that I did know how to visualize and I was quite good at it. The truth was, though I didn’t reach the goal that my coaches, parents, teachers, bosses, etc had wanted (or visualized) for me, I had reached mine. I enjoy sports, but my want was not to be a sports star, my want was to study sports and understand how to “coach”. And, I was successful. I also enjoy learning, and though I didn’t “complete college” what I really wanted was to understand what was needed to transition from high school to college. And, I was successful. And I can do this for each of the places in my life that I had originally marked down as “unsuccessful” previously.

See, what I had found was though I didn’t not reach the end result that others would have wanted, I had reached the end result for me. I wanted knowledge on “how” things were done. This included and most importantly “parenting”. And I can now with full honesty to myself… I am successful. (I will safe more on that for a later blog.)

What ever means works for you, from what ever source that is safe for you… I recommend taking time to fully understand what “visualization” is. And how it works for you. This includes all the senses and emotions that come with it. When you do, you can dramatically effect change in your life and get to your wants with amazing precision and speed.

Have a most blessed day!