ABC’s – Xcellerate your efforts

ABC’s – Xcellerate your efforts

Basically, if you want to excel your efforts, then clean up your “house”. By which I mean, “Mind, Body and Soul”. Reconnect these three as they all can get you where you want to be. And then, amazing speed, agility and miraculous things can happen.

This includes how you feel about all of your “relationships”: Getting to know your emotional guidance system

* With Self – spiritual, intellectual, physical.
* With People – I do this by role type: Parents / Bosses, Children / Employees, Friends / Colleagues, etc.
* With Things – Money, Property, Heirlooms

As you find out how you Feel about things as they “are”, Ask yourself these questions:

* What about this is important to me?
* Is it something I want to keep or remove?
* If I choose to keep it, were does it belong?

Then, fill your tool box: Now that you know what is important, is “how” you cared for that still working?

* Now that I know what is important to me, how do I feel about how I cared, got, did this before?
* Did I feel tired? Did I feel refreshed? How do I do it better for me?
* Do I have the answer for that or do I need new information?

I have found for me, I have a yearly cycle. My “year end” is May 13. My “Start of Year” is May 14. The week following is for transitioning closing down and opening up. And through this past “year” I now can hear my soul with clarity. And I now see that I have always done this and have put out what I will accomplish in the coming year.

May 2006 – I took stock in my marriage, my family, my children and my job. By May 2007, I had changed ALL of those situations. They were all closed and I was staged for something new. I had completed my education.

May 2007 – I took into consideration all that I had learned and now went for what I wanted. I have now found my soul partner, my children are accelerating and I have time for them. I have found my business partners and am starting that as well. My relationships with those closest to me are now solid and flourishing. This will be one amazing year in full creation.

My toolbox is full. I have the skill and know how. I can determine quickly if it is a want for me or others and determine it’s importance and priority in my life.

So understand your want, visualize it fully, listen to how you ask for your wants and then Xcellerate it by filling your tool box with exercises that help you do this with each decision you make.

Have a blessed time creating.