Synchronistic Chaos Part 4 – Accepting Reality

What a magical full moon this Taurus moon has turned out to be. I had a bit of a let down last week. I had booked on a goddess belly dancing weekend over this full moon. It was going to be an amazing spiritual weekend full of setting intention for our goals, dancing, staying in bell caravans and hanging out with lots of beautiful women!!

I saw it as my weekend away from everything – my long awaited holiday – but I was too attached and I knew it. Needless to say last week the organiser texted me to tell me she was ill and the weekend was cancelled. I was gutted but on some other level I knew something special would happen instead. And of course it did.

My grandpa is dying of cancer and we are very close. Instead of going away I was able to visit him with my brother and sister and give him an energy healing (I have been giving him energy healings for a long time and it has helped him so much just receiving the love). Just being there helped to heal me in some way, as well. My siblings and I then went to my mum’s for dinner which was a great way to celebrate the full moon. Later that evening I visited an old friend who is experimenting with sound healing.

He has found the frequencies that can heal the human body with sound. He has set up speakers and I sat in the direct line of the sound. It is a very intense experience but I felt as though I was in a bath of resonance. I could feel the vibrations wash over me and very soon I was off on a beautiful meditational vision journey. I saw solutions to many challenges that are facing me at this time and got clear on direction for my new website and blog.

Then I slept over at my mum’s and today we finally spent the day together that has been planned for months. We often don’t see eye to eye but we had so much fun today and really found a meeting place. It was a special evening and a special day and I got A LOT of hugs.

I am really beginning to surf the synchronistic chaos and no longer judging why things do not happen because something even greater is around the corner. More than ever I am seeing that as one dream dies another is coming true. The key is not to be too attached to what the external video is playing because it is ALL wonderful – whatever happens and however difficult things may seem in the moment.

Often we do not see the possibilities that are available to us as we do not possess the eagle’s vision. All we have to do is trust that EVERYTHING is happening perfectly and all we need to do is enjoy every moment, whatever it may bring…

Love and Blessings

Rebekah Shaman xxx