It’s been stated that I never do anything “small”…..

Hi y’all. Well, I have been gone for a little bit. After the last couple of blogs that I wrote on that “feeling of nothing” and time to make a change, well…. yeah, we did.

The day I wrote my last blog, my fiance’ (oh yeah, he asked!!! I said yes!!!) and I had a very emotional discussion on what was going on with our finances. Though we both took FULL responsibility for all the “potential problems” we came up with some great solutions. (Writing this now, it is nice to see that we are looking forward at potential problems and not at them as they blowup around us). So we opted to move out of his house, back to mine and make some other financial decisions (oh… and get engaged). 🙂

So we moved, repaired and got the house on the market in under two weeks, had it in contract in two days of being listed, participated in 2 Halloween parties, did trick-or-treating, took family pictures and started the process of unpacking a house that was now filled with 3 adults, a teen, three pre-schoolers, a new baby, two dogs and a puppy. Hee Hee…. at least life is all around, all the time.

So, I am now back at the home that I (looking back again) really took a break from while I figured out some other aspects about my life. I had “changed the sheets”, and it is now time to come back and repair, change and take back the aspects of my life that were good and needed attention.

Small…. Though I do value down time, time to watch a movie with the family and to watch a sunset, life around me, as stated by my fiance’, is never boring. And as one of my best friends mentioned, “You never do anything small.”

A special thank you to Michael for all the times you have been there to bounce my thoughts and “create”. Thank you to Rob for seeing the beauty of a life through all the chaos. And to Rebekah for the advice on “changing my sheets” and great advice that I couldn’t hear internally at the time!

Have a blessed day all!


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  1. Michael

    It’s great to hear about the positive changes and growth. I’m glad that our paths continually converge. And no, you never do anything small. But, why should you?

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