Creative Urges

How often do you use or enjoy your creative side? Many people think that creativity is relegated mainly to the pursuit of the arts, but creativity exits in many facets of life. The really important point is that using your creativity on a regular basis is good for you.

It works the muscles of the brain. The flow of creative energy can lift your mood and make you happier. Using your creativity will make your life feel like it has more purpose and meaning.

Examples of ways to use your creativity: problem solving, drawing, photography, gardening, playing card games, crafts, jewelry design, raising children, cooking, writing, computer programming, acting, telling stories, making up jokes, playing music, flower arranging, interior decorating, dancing, web design, brainstorming and making movies.

I’ve found that using your creativity is like anything else. The more you use it, the more it seems to flow. Try doing something every day that allows you to practice or exercise your creativity. You will start to see the benefits very soon.