Sunsets Warm the Soul

I was traveling to Sacramento today and we began to approach the airport just as the sun had set. It was a spectacular sunset complete with rich colors of salmon, pink, orange and flecks of gold highlighting the high clouds. Everybody on the right side of the plane was watching. It lasted about 10 minutes total but took your breath away in its simplistic beauty.

I have a strong affinity for sunsets and find watching them to be one of the most calming activities I know. Sunsets are some of nature’s most inspiring and ephemeral events. Most of them do not last that long. I know this intimately as I like to photograph sunsets. Another amazing aspect of sunsets is that they are constantly changing. The beginning is nothing like the end. And amazingly there has never been one exactly the same in all of time. Think about that.

How many times do you stop for that 10 or 15 minutes and just watch the sunset? Are you too busy to stop? Don’t want to take the time to pull over while you are driving? Next time you see the sun setting and lighting the clouds, stop and enjoy it. Just bask in the beauty of the moment and see how calming it can be. Be observant and totally focused on this one thing for the moment.

I took the following sunset near Madison, Wisconsin in August of 2005. This is a fine example of why I take at least my small camera with me. The colors in this sunset are similar to what I saw today.