Providence Rhode Island WaterfireWaterfire is a Rhode Island tradition dating back to 1997 when it was created by Barnaby Evans. It’s classified as a sculpture but it touches a number of senses; sight, smell, sound plus the imagination.

Waterfire typically starts in late May and runs until the end of August with fires being lit every other week. The events typically last until midnight. After sunset, fire tenders in boats light the bonfires, which sit in metal baskets floating above the water. Music is piped through the entire area helping to set the mood. Vendors with tasty morsels of food can be found along the streets. Street performers are also popular.

The Waterfire events are extremely popular and thousands of people spend the evening walking along the rivers watching the fires, listening to the incredible range of music, talking with friends and enjoying the evening air.

I enjoy the play of light on the water. The shimmering reflections are very soothing in combination with the fires themselves. I also like the smell of burning wood. It’s reminiscent of a fireplace.

Erica and spend the evening with friends walking along the water’s edge before we went to dinner. Even though it was raining at the beginning, the whole experience was special.