Speaking Your Truth

I made a discovery about myself today. It became clear to me that I have been creating undo stress in my body by not speaking my truth where work is concerned.

Many things have happened over the course of this year concerning my work/career. It’s not really necessary to elaborate. But situations arose where I felt that my values were being compromised.

For many reasons, I choose not to discuss them or express my feelings on any of the stressful topics. I’ve realized today that those were not the best choices for me.

I don’t think it is very positive to hold your thoughts and feelings inside when they concern your values, sense of self and state of happiness. We should always speak our truth regardless of whether we think changes will happen.

It is not healthy for the body, the emotions, the mind and our spirits to hold ourselves back. It restricts the flow of life and disconnects us from ourselves and ultimately from others.

I mistakenly thought I was not speaking because I believed that nothing would change. But, that’s not the point of speaking your truth. The point is to not compromise ourselves, but instead allowing who we are to flow at all times, no matter what.

Take it from me. Life is much more then knots in the back muscles, clenched jaws during sleep and not being who I truly am. I took the first steps to get back on track today.

Funny thing about all this is that I didn’t really understand how serious it had become as the majority of my life is fantastic. It just goes to show that we should not leave any stones unturned in our constant quest for happiness.

Have a great day!