Lenses of Our Lives

I had my first yoga lesson today. This is part of my new effort to take more care of myself and manage my stress. I choose yoga because it is really good at connecting mind, body and spirit.

During today’s lesson I learned a lot about myself and had some interesting realizations. While doing two postures I had a strong feeling that I couldn’t really do them very well, because my muscles were so tight; hamstrings and upper back to be exact.

My instructor could tell what I was saying in my mind. She told me that we all have many lenses when evaluating what we can and cannot do. I’ve talked about this topic before but I liked her slightly different perspective.

She proceeded to tell me mine. I had preconceived ideas about how far I could stretch my hamstrings. She also told me that I was thinking if the exercise was hard to do on my right side than it will most certainly be hard on the left. These thoughts were preventing me from completely experiencing the yoga position and therefore getting the full benefit. She proceeded to show my how my ideas were incorrect. In fact I was able to do much more than I had anticipated by her bringing this to my attention.

We do the same thing in life. It really is important to be vigilant about keeping an open mind. Most of us have so many lenses to view the world and ourselves that they become habits. These habitual thought patterns become unconscious. So, it’s important to continue to look at how we view the world which will help remove our lenses and be more open.

Have a great day!


1 thought on “Lenses of Our Lives

  1. Kim

    This is so true. I had recently asked the question again of why were thing around me “breaking” again….why were the flies back… etc.

    Then I got a call from my Mom. Though the conversation was “better” on both sides, the same “feelings and thoughts” returned. I had to take a minute, use the tools that work for me and really look at how I evaluate stuff. Instead of asking “Why do they do this?” (in regards to how my family interacts with me, I “let go”. I applauded the fact that the conversation was better on both sides. That I had support around me when it occured and we were able to talk again in two days versus two weeks.

    Have a great time in Yoga! I look forward to reading and hearing more about it! 🙂 And I will continue to work on my fractured internal lenses.


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