Remove The Chains

You may or may not have heard of something called The Tarot. It’s an ancient deck of cards containing a multitude of universal symbols and meanings used to help the reader understand a particular problem or to discern the future. Whether or not these cards can do what they are used for is not the point. I mention it because there is an interesting card in this deck called The Devil. Immediately, the word devil brings certain assumptions, beliefs and fears to many people. Put those to the side for a moment.

On the Devil card, is a devilish looking creature, really half-man, half goat; i.e. a Pan-like creature sitting on a throne. He is a powerful god-like creature who appears to be controlling several humans beneath him. They are chained around their necks. The Devil holds the chains and it looks like he is controlling them, but the appearance of control is an illusion. If you look closely at the chains, you will see that the collars are larger than the heads. In other words, each of them could remove their chains at any moment in time and be free. But as long as they believe that the Devil is holding them, they stay in misery.

External sources do not prevent our freedom. External sources do not prevent our happiness. External sources do not control us. We can always remove the chains at any moment. We’ve just need to remember that we can.

The result of removing these chains brings freedom from inhibitions, freedom from being controlled by our tendencies towards excess and the ability to choose our level of happiness. The chains that bind us from being happy are only beliefs not reality. To quote Abraham-Hicks, beliefs are just thoughts that we think all the time. Change the thought. Change the belief. Increase your happiness.