Definite Improvement

I can definitely feel that I’m on the way to getting over this flu. Today was much better than the very low point that yesterday ended up being. I took it easy all day, which was quite easy to do. No real work required. 🙂

A nice bonus for the day was that it snowed almost the entire time. For me, there’s nothing like freshly falling snow to make me feel better. It definitely kept my attitude up and combined with actually feeling better my hope was at an all time high.

I look forward to tomorrow and how much better I’ll be.

Hope your day is going even better!


3 thoughts on “Definite Improvement


    I heard it in your voice last night but I’m glad to have it confirmed in writing! We are praying for your speedy recovery!

    Love, Mom

  2. Nat

    I’m very amused by the flu shot comment. Nothing like a dose of practicality to go along with a good attitude and determination.

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