Appreciating the Small Things

Today, Nat talked about appreciating the small blessings in that come our way. It’s really a fantastic skill to learn and then use constantly. I like using this technique because it is a great way to get through tough days. It helps to bring your focus back to things that are more important and can very quickly lift your attitude.

I got to practice appreciating the small things over the last seven days as I dealt with the flu virus.  Here are 20 things I appreciated during my illness:

  1. Calls from my parents.
  2. Calls from Erica.
  3. Calls from my daughter.
  4. Realizing I hadn’t coughed for about 15 minutes straight.
  5. Watching Seinfeld.
  6. Catching up on some reading.
  7. That really great cup of tea.
  8. Not having a fever when I checked it.
  9. The neighbors bringing me homemade chicken soup.
  10. The positive mood of the nurse at the hospital.
  11. Falling snow on my second worst flu day.
  12. Oranges. (Not sure why. They just tasted really good.)
  13. Catching up on some To-Do items.
  14. Playing with my new iPhone.
  15. A hot shower.
  16. Sleeping for six hours straight.
  17. Chatting with my friends in London.
  18. Erica cleaning the snow off my car.
  19. Not having to go to work.
  20. Kleenex.

What are some small things that you appreciate?

Have a great day!


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