Cat Play

Cats regard people as warmblooded furniture. – Jacquelyn Mitchard

I took care of Erica’s three cats this weekend which means feeding them twice day, cleaning out their litter box and playing with them. Each one is quite unique and has a definite personality. I really enjoy playing with them. My favorite game is to use a laser pointer. They, especially the young one Lily, go absolutely bonkers trying to chase the red light all over the room. It gives me loads of fun and I laugh almost constantly.

It’s a wonderful way to keep your mind in a positive place. In fact, pets are great in this regard. Their interaction can give a boost to someone who is down or needs some unconditional love. Just petting cats and dogs can cause relaxation and happy feelings. I’ve heard of dogs helping out in hospitals to boost the spirit of people dealing with serious illnesses.

Pets and children can really help to bring us back to a state of curiosity, wonder and fun. If you want to break out of your “adult” rut, then find a dog, cat, or child you can play with for a little while. You’ll feel much better afterwards.

Have a great day!