Don't Hold Grudges

For 10 years, I worked for Southland and Circle K as an inventory auditor. I hated my job and was miserable about most of the time. But, strangely enough, I had a difficult time making a change as I detested taking risks. It was safer for me to stay in a rut than to take any risks. It was not a great way to live

One day in the spring of 1992, my wife, knowing how much I hated my job at Circle K, told me that I should go and interview with a man that I used to work for in the Southland Corporation. He was now working for a company that was running the Louisiana Lottery. In April of 1992 I went to several interviews at this company. I thought they went very well, but I had little to no experience in the computer operations environment.

I didn’t hear from them until July of 1992 when they called me back and offered me a senior computer operator position. I was completely shocked and excited at the same time. My work life had deteriorated even further during those three months since the interview. I couldn’t wait to leave Circle K.

I started within one week of the offer. Circle K was no more and a new chapter in my life was opened. It was a major change for me and I meant to make the most of it. This was the biggest risk I had taken in 15 years and it was working out brilliantly so far.

Initially, I had to overcome extreme resistance and negativity in the control room as I was hired in at the highest level operator but without an experience. Many people that were in lesser positions and had been there for some time were not happy.

I made sure it didn’t bother me and after a while people liked me and I got along with most of the of them. I had a great schedule. I worked 12 hour shifts, which meant I had many days off in a two week period. I got used to that really quickly. 🙂

As this new job literally changed my life for the better and I really blossomed into someone I never knew I could be, I can never really hold any grudges for my ex-wife. Without her suggestion to call and get an interview, I would not be who and where I am today.