Moving to California – Part 1

In July of 1993, I flew to California a couple of days before I had to start working on a project at my company’s data center in Sacramento. I decided to drive to San Francisco and see some sights. As I was driving southwest on Interstate 80, I was overwhelmed and excited about seeing signs for Napa Valley, San Francisco and other northern California attractions. I had only seen these in books and travel programs up until this point. It felt like I was in a fantasy even though I had been to southern California as a teenager. There was something different going on here. I couldn’t put my finger on it in that moment.

As I drove through San Francisco, I decided to cross the Golden Gate Bridge and go visit Mt. Tamalpais. I remember exactly what I was listening to on the car stereo. It was the U2 album, The Unforgettable Fire. At the moment I was on the bridge, something happened to me. I had a strange feeling. It felt like I had been away from home for 30 years but had finally returned. It was such a powerful feeling that I had to pull over after crossing the bridge to try and process what had just happened.

I knew in that moment I had to move to California. So, I decided to immediately start working on getting a job at the California Data Center. It was a very exciting moment for me as I knew that my life would never be the same; all for the good of course.

I continued my journey to the top of the mountain while listening to the R.E.M. album called Green. Every time I hear these two albums, the memories of this special moment in my life return almost immediately.

The rest of the story tomorrow…………..