Stop – Listen – Observe – Part 2

Stop. Listen. Observe. These three simple techniques either used singularly or together can be a great way to get more in touch with yourself and your world around you. I’ve used them successfully for years.

Listen. When you practice the art and skill of listening you gain additional information well beyond any other technique. Listening requires that you stop thinking and completely focus on the moment in front of you. We can listen to ourselves. We can listen to others. We can listen to the world around us.

Listening to ourselves makes a connection to our true being. We tend to ignore messages from internal sources, but they can be vital for our growth and well-being. All of us possess the knowledge needed to insure that we are on the right path and living our lives as happy as possible. We have all the answers we need to help us in any situation. It only requires that we stop and listen. The more we listen the more we will hear. Remember that the important messages are from the “voice” that is subtle, quiet and less imposing. It’s that fist thought we hear after asking a question. It’s the intuition to make a change in direction.

Listening to others is one of the most important skills to master for mature interactions with people. When we actively listen to others, we’re not thinking about our response or calculating our next verbal move. We are hearing what the other person is saying; how their tone enhances their words. We are completely focused on understanding their thoughts or the point that they are trying to get across. The more you listen, the more you will connect with others on levels beyond your current understanding.

Listening to the world around us is a great way to get out of ourselves, to connect with the natural world and become more informed about what is happening around us. Most of us walk around in a fog and don’t hear what is going on in our vicinity. We miss the richness of our world. We don’t hear sounds that could soothe us. We miss important messages that could protect us.

Practice the skill and art of listening every chance you get and watch how your level of understanding dramatically increases