Stop – Listen – Observe – Part 3

Stop. Listen. Observe. These three simple techniques either used singularly or together can be a great way to get more in touch with yourself and your world around you. I’ve used them successfully for years.

Observe. Observing is another way of increasing our information inflow. In the natural world, observing events can evoke powerful emotions or still our spirit. Think about the feelings you had when you stopped and observed a sunset. It’s almost inexplicable what happens when we watch natural phenomenon; sunsets, sunrises, waterfalls, campfires, clouds, animals in the wild, birds flying, the wind blowing tree leaves, ocean waves, lightening in a thunderstorm.

It connects us with the wider universe. We see our place in the great book called life. We understand how everything is connected. We feel humbled. Our spirits soar with the sheer beauty of what we are seeing. Observing nature energizes and gives us joy.

When we observe people, we begin to see the subtler meanings behind the words we are hearing. We start to understand the complexities of what we call ourselves. Remember that most communication is non-verbal and much comes from observation. The way someone moves when they talk. The way their posture shifts when speaking about difficult subjects. The connection we feel when we watch someone’s eyes as they speak from their hearts. They say that watching someone’s eyes is a gateway to their soul. There are definitely subtle, non-verbal things happening when we do this.

Observing ourselves can be challenging. It requires us to step out of our perpetual habit of ignorance. Observing ourselves is a key element in becoming something more. If we can observe ourselves in the same way we observe the world around us and others, we will gain a level of objectivity that will help us unlock our potential. Observing ourselves goes hand in hand with accepting who we are. As we accept who we are, the ability for us to be or go somewhere else dramatically increases.

Stop. Listen. Observe. Change your live in unlimited ways