Back Online after Appendicitis

It’s been several days since I’ve written here. I’ve been in a hospital in Brussels, Belgium with acute appendicitis. I had no access to the internet and for at least a couple of days would not have been able to post anyway.

This has been quite an extraordinary adventure (yes, an adventure) for me; not the least of which was being in a foreign country with a potentially serious diagnoses and with very limited skill in speaking French. Okay, I can say hello, goodbye, good evening, your welcome, please, thank you very much and no. 🙂

I’m doing quite well now and was released from the hospital early this afternoon. Over the next several days, I’ll be posting some of my experiences during my hospital stay. The last few days have been difficult but also blessed in many ways.

Time for some rest. Apparently getting dressed, walking to the cab and then getting settled in my hotel room in Brussels took a lot of energy.


1 thought on “Back Online after Appendicitis

  1. linda

    I was worried about you when I didn’t see a post for a couple of days:) If you need help, please let me know. I have a friend in Brussels who might be able to walk you through the medical system. Oh, by the way, I know your dad. He is the one who started me watching your blog every day! I’ve been praying for you…now I know why. Please let me know if I can help with more than prayer, though I think this is a substantial intercession+

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