What are You Doing Now

The most important thing in our lives is what we are doing now. – Anonymous

What are you doing right now? What thoughts are flowing through your mind? What are you remembering? Where are you focusing your awareness? What are you feeling? Are you happy, sad, angry, depressed, fearful or simply don’t care? Are you worried about something? Are you dreaming? Are you thinking about a positive vision of your future or do things look fairly grim for you?

The present moment is where we have all of our power; not the past and not the future, but right now. Any changes we need to make, happen now starting with what we are thinking. Now is where we adjust our attitude. Now is where we tweak our thoughts to make us feel just a little bit better. Now is where we extract all of our happiness and joy.

Try and focus on the present more and more. When you are listening to someone, really listen. When you are focused on an activity, focus 100%. No matter what you are doing, be 100% present.

Now is the most important moment.