Letting Go

I’ve been thinking a lot today about how we hold on to so many things; stuff around our house, old emotional hurts, relationships, bad habits, negative behaviors, old useless beliefs and etc. Most of the time we do this well beyond the point of reason. Letting go can be very hard. But it is vitally important for strong positive emotional growth. When we cling to things that have gone past their useful lifetime, we hold ourselves back from progressing to a more mature or evolved state of being. We also tend to use up a lot of our energy holding ourselves to things we should let go. It can be a really freeing experience to release or let go of something that has been holding us back.

My weakest area has been in relationships. In the past, I have found them very hard to let go. But, recently I’ve made significant progress in that area of my life. I now move on much quicker and regain my state of happiness faster than in the past. I now view each relationship as a stepping stone and not the one and only relationship. I learn what I need to learn. I have no ill will towards the person. I remember the good times. I believe that another person will come along better than the last.

When you learn to let go of things that should be let go, you’ll find that your state of happiness will instantly increase. Which will increase your chances that your next experience will be that much better. Letting go will allow your life experiences to become increasingly more enjoyable and fulfilling. And of course that will again increase your level of happiness and this positive cycle can then repeat over and over again.

So, pick something you need to let go. Maybe a small emotional hurt from the past. Take a look and see what you have learned. By looking at what you have learned your mind is a little less rigid and you’ll find it easier to release that hurt. You could also do a small ritual if that works for you. Write down on a piece of paper what you want to let go. Then place the paper in a burning candle and visualize releasing what you are holding on to as the paper burns. But, really, it doesn’t matter how you let it go. The important part is to let it go.

Remember it’s never to late to release something that is holding you back from being as happy as you can be in that moment.