The Monkey Mind

Monkey mind is actually a Buddhist term. It refers to mental activity that creates busyness which keeps us away from our true hearts. And it’s an extraordinary truth. Look at our whole culture; it’s built on busyness, and that’s why we’re so unhappy. But part of us loves busyness, including Natalie Goldberg. You have to pay attention and learn to understand how monkey mind works. What does your true heart want? You have to give it at least half your energy. Otherwise monkey mind fills your whole life with busyness. – Natalie Goldberg

I like the concept of the “monkey mind.” It really is an apt way of describing how our ego/minds keep us from following our true hearts. You’ve experienced it before, but maybe you didn’t realize it.

The monkey mind keeps thoughts going at a fast pace in your mind. This can distract you from focus and relaxation. The monkey mind gives you logical reasons for not doing something you want to do. Let’s say you want to write. The monkey mind will ask you how you will make money. If you stop writing the monkey mind has completed his mission; i.e. preventing you from following your heart’s desire.

The easiest way to overcome the monkey mind is through distraction. If you are meditating focusing on breathing or the breath helps to take your mind away from thinking. Doing what your heart desires regardless of what your mind/ego is saying is another way.

Remember, we are more than what we think; more than what actions we take. The monkey mind is not bad. That’s why we use distraction instead of forceful action to reduce its effect.

Don’t forget to be easy on yourself.

Have a great day!