Life Metaphors

I just arrived in Frankfurt, Germany on my way to Warsaw, Poland. Its early morning here and not quite midnight on the east coast. This was an interesting flight for me in several ways.

I found that many parts of the flight mimicked my life and what has been going on for the past several weeks. The flight started off just a little bit bumpy, not too bad. As the flight progressed past the last bits of Canadian land, it got smoother and smoother. The noise made from the wind as the plane made its course over the Atlantic was the only way I knew I was on a plane, other than the cramped seats and the food.

I slept for about an hour or slightly less on the first part of the flight. It was unusually restful. I awoke and started reading a book. It’s basically a spiritual memoir of the author’s personal journey to find herself. I read for awhile and found many passages that were exactly the kinds of thoughts I had been thinking for the last few weeks. I’ve been thinking basic stuff like changing my path in life, doing what I desire, letting go of the past and etc.

After reading for some time, I watched Episode 2 of A New Earth from I fell into a light kind of sleep for the first part and was quite intently listening for the last half. I was unusually calm during the entire flight. The rest I received seemed to energize me much more than usual.

As we neared Frankfurt, dawn began to break in all its glorious colors. The plane began to bump some, as we landed on the bright new day. I think transitions are like that sometimes; a little bumpy on the landing but really worth the journey.

Believe it not, the lesson I learned from this flight was that I am slowly, sometimes painstakingly, removing barriers that are preventing me from taking my journey. The light of my new understanding is beginning to shine into the dark recesses where fear, doubt and anxiety reside.

I plan on letting more light in. 🙂