Play Day

If you aren’t playing well, the game isn’t as much fun. When that happens I tell myself just to go out and play as I did when I was a kid. – Thomas J. Watson, Sr.

Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play. – Heraclitus

There is work that is work and there is play that is play; there is play that is work and work that is play. And in only one of these lies happiness. – Gelett Burgess

Today was a play day. No work unless it was working at playing. No playing unless it had nothing to do with work. Erica and I just went through the day and did what we felt like when we felt like it. No agenda really; just following our impulses. The only thing we really had planned was to go to a movie. Everything else was impromptu.

It’s important to have days like this. Your mind begins to unwind and your body relaxes. Most of us see ourselves as what we do; work, relationship, a particular role and etc. When you stop and play every now and then, you begin to see yourself as something more. You start to connect more with you really are.

It’s important to give yourself these moments in time. When you pay yourself with days of play, the return on investment is priceless. It’s a great strategy for happiness.

Erica and I found it funny that time seemed to fly by today. It’s because we were focusing on the present moment. I think we’ll do more of that on Sunday.

Have a great day!