What to Say

Have you ever been in a situation and not known what to say? Have you ever tried to write something and couldn’t find the right expression for what you where feeling? Did your mind become a literary wasteland where words and fully formed thoughts were hard to find?

Welcome to my world today. Not only am I having difficulty with writing this blog but it was hard all day where verbal and oral communication were concerned. Why is that? What is happening on days where this seems to be the theme?

I wish I could figure it out. On the surface it is like standing in a room void of furniture or other modes of mental stimulation. Deeper though, it feels like heavy introspection where your conscious mind has difficulty penetrating.

So, I’m left with one option. Acceptance. No blame. No judgment. No anxiety. No stress. It works in almost every situation. Just thinking about it has given me a few words to put down here. Acceptance helps to penetrate whatever barriers may be preventing you from doing something.

It’s the first step to making a shift or change.