63 More Days

Work is either fun or drudgery. It depends on your attitude. I like fun. – Colleen C. Barrett

Friday the 13th was supposed to be my last day with the company I’m currently working for. An unexpected event occurred which prompted a reevaluation of my last day.

After several discussions, I agreed to stay 63 more days. My new last day is August 15th.

How do I feel about this change? Excellent question. The simple answer is that I wouldn’t have agreed to this new direction if I didn’t like it. I let it sit with me for a few days before making my final decision. The bottom line is that it felt right. I didn’t have any thoughts or feelings of "this is a bad decision."

So, here I am ramping up to manage the workload for the next two months. It feels a little strange as I had been heavily ramping down the last three months.

You just never know exactly how your life will go or the plot twists that will happen. All I know is what I want and desire. I just let the universe figure out the details.