Positive Influences

Last week, in my post Chance Encounters, I talked about meeting one of my ex bosses from years ago. Today, I was able to meet him for a lunch and long talk. It was really nice to catch up, tell him what has been going on with me and find out about his life over the last two years.

This man had a tremendously positive influence on my life and my career. His lessons have been and will continue to be invaluable.

I learned to handle continuous change. I learned that you shouldn’t stop¬†figuring out a way to do¬†something better just because it was working fine. I learned that the people working for you were the only reason for your success. I learned that employees are assets not an expense. I learned that you treat your people right no matter what.

I learned how to prepare properly for a status meeting. I learned that it was okay to say you didn’t have the answer to a question, but that you knew where to find it. I learned the value of loyalty. I continually learned that I could be a little bit better.

I learned what it meant to be a good boss, how to treat employees with respect and what it meant to give the best service to our customer.

The lessons still continue.

Thanks Tim!