You Can't Lose Experience

Experience is an asset of which no worker can be cheated, no matter how selfish or greedy his immediate employer may be. – Napoleon Hill

Experience. It’s one of our most powerful assets. I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of experience as the last day at my current company draws near.

Regardless of the change in career, job or role, your experience can be adapted and used in your new position. Many of us forget this simple statement when applying for a new job. That experience can be broken down into several categories: managing people, running projects, improving process, brainstorming, designing and implementing strategic initiatives, production and etc.

Experience hones our thought processes and enables us to apply our knowledge in non similar situations. We don’t really need to do the exact same thing in order to benefit from our experience.

I talk about this today because many of us tend to forget what we really have to offer (i.e. experience) to others or another company. I also want to remind myself. It really helps to allay fears when going through major job or career transitions.

So, don’t forget about what you’ve done as that can apply to everything that you will do.

Have a great day!