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There is not a shred of evidence that life is serious. – Ogden Nash

I believe we all take life too seriously. I don’t think it’s supposed to be that way. Fun should be a primary activity in our lives. Most of us don’t have nearly enough. We get wrapped up in what some of us called the drudgery of life.

Last Thursday night (July 31st) on the ABC news channel, I saw the very end of a news segment. The reporter was riding in a hot air balloon over what looked like New York City’s Central Park. The story was about a psychologist named Dr. Brown (??) who makes the statement that “Humans are designed to play their entire lives.” Of course, that immediately grabbed my interest. (Note: I’m still trying to find out more about this Doctor and his beliefs.)

We are designed to play our entire lives! That’s the kind of believe that changes the way things are. Don’t you remember how much fun you had playing as a child? Think about how mentally engaging those activities were back then. We can do the same now. We don’t have to play the same games but we can play based on what we currently enjoy doing.

The only challenge I see for some is that you actually have to start playing or having some fun. Like I always suggest, start small and work your way up. You can even have fun at work. To some that may sound crazy, but I do it every single day. I laugh more at work with my colleagues than I do anywhere else; well let’s say I laugh a lot there. Plus, we still get a huge amount of work done.

For 30 minutes every day, start doing something that you really enjoy; something that makes you smile; something that pumps up your passion for life. Begin to see the humor in everyday life situations. Use the same concept about how to save money, Pay Yourself First. Let the rest work itself out. If you have fun first and make that a primary objective, your entire life will change in ways that you can barely imagine at this time.

Have a great day!


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