Experiencing Northern California

Note: please use my photo link to see the photos mentioned in the my post below: Northern California photos.

I had a fantastic day. We traveled north from Arcata, CA to visit the Redwood National Park, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, Patrick’s Point State Park and Trinidad, CA. We walked many miles and saw some amazing sights.

The morning started with heavy fog. So, we decided to go hike the redwoods first and then come back down to see the coast in all it’s glory. Our first stop was a surprise as we saw a herd of wild Roosevelt elk feeding in a large meadow. We were within 50 – 100 feet of the herd. It was fantastic. I had never seen wild elk before. (Photo #1)

Two short hikes were next on the agenda. Both of them turned out to be beautiful. (Photos #2 and #6) The second trail meandered through some very tall and large redwoods. We all enjoyed this almost spiritual walk. The silence penetrated to our very core. I can’t wait to go back and explore here again.

We then drove to Fern Canyon where part of Jurassic Park #2 was filmed. (Photo #3) The hike wound through cliffs of ferns. You could easily see why the movie was filmed here. It has a primeval feel to it.

We drove back down towards Trinidad, CA to stop at lovely Patrick’s Point State Park. It is an incredible place to see. Towering cliffs of rock cascading into the ocean with massive waves pounding continually. You can see whales from time to time. (Photo #4)

Our final stop for the day was Trinidad, CA. This is a lovely town on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We walked the beach for a bit and viewed the harbor from very high vantage point. (Photo #5)

Travel and exploring the world we live on are some of the happiest times I have. I don’t see an end to my desire to see and experience more of this planet. I go to sleep tonight with a huge smile on my face.