Volcanic Activities

Mt. Lassen with Lake Helen

Mt. Lassen with Lake Helen

Our day started in Arcata, CA. The temperature was 49o F. By the time we arrived in Lassen Volcanic National Park the temperature was 95o F. Wow! What a difference a couple of hundred miles inland will do.

The drive through Six Rivers National Forest and the Trinity Alps Wilderness was beautiful and at the same time difficult; lots of twisting and turning roads through this wild land. We followed the Trinity River for many miles. This is a popular river for white water rafting and kayaking especially in the late spring and summer.

Our destination for the day, though, was Lassen Volcanic National Park. Less than a quarter of the annual number of visitors to Yosemite visits this park, but that doesn’t distract from its natural beauty and unusual landscape. I like the fact that it is less crowded.

Most of our day in Lassen was spent touring by car and previewing potential areas for hikes in the future. Of course, numerous photographs were taken also.

Steam Vents - Mt. Lassen Park

Steam Vents - Mt. Lassen Park

Lassen is an active volcanic area which means that you can find steam vents and hot acid springs in certain areas of the park. Mt. Lassen is a plug volcano, so it doesn’t spew lava but instead explodes when it erupts. The last time it exploded was in 1915. We felt no tremors today. The volcano gods were resting peacefully.

This area of California is ever changing which is one of the attractions for me. I’ve been here several times and will be here again in the future. It makes me appreciate even more the stunning diversity on this planet that is our home. I’ve only scratched the surface but feel like I’ve seen a tremendous amount.

Have a great day!


P.S. Our adventure continues south. More about we saw and experienced on my upcoming Wednesday post in 2 days.