The Oyster Story

One of my good friends shared a very interesting story with me last week. She and a friend were at the beach eating a watermelon. A seagull seemed very interested in their fare. So, my friend starts feeding the seagull some watermelon.

After a few minutes of ravenous eating by the seagull, my friend asks, in jest, to the seagull, “Look, I’m feeding you watermelon. What are you going to do for me? How about bringing me an oyster or littleneck (a small clam)?”

The seagull leaves and my friend goes back to enjoying the beach. Five minutes pass and she hears a loud thump behind her. She turns around and is immediately astounded. The seagull had returned and dropped an oyster next to her. In fact, the seagull had also opened the oyster.

My friend said something quite intriguing. “Michael, when I made that statement to the gull, it’s not that I necessarily believed that the seagull would bring me an oyster, but more importantly, I had no disbelief.”

Now, that is an important concept to apply to everything we do. I think having no disbelief about something you want or want to do is as important if not more than believing you will get it.

But, you can’t tell yourself that you will not have any disbelief. All that does is create disbelief. Our minds are funny that way. I have found focusing on what I want and imagining what it would be like is a better approach. Sometimes, distracting ourselves slightly works also. In other words, having a vision or idea of what we want while doing something that brings us joy is a better approach.

Have a great day!