Cloud9000 is an organization dedicated to helping people find more happiness. (Read more about our Vision.)

Many systems (whether religions or self-help guides) promote a single method for improving one’s circumstances or state of mind. Yet there are as many ways to find happiness as there are people.

We at Cloud9000 use the Internet to act as a sort of air traffic control to guide you to tools, books, and other people that have helped others find greater happiness.

We started the project when Michael was thinking about the news media and realized that we’re bombarded by bad news all the time, assaulted really, by details of war, crime, disease. He realized it must be having a demoralizing effect on him and on others, and he wondered what effect would be achieved by bringing more of the world’s good and inspiring stories to people instead.


Our bloggers tell how they navigate their own lives and experience and struggle to find happiness themselves. They also guide you to ideas, activities tools, and writing that they have found helpful in the search for happiness. (Read the blogs.)

Who are your bloggers?

People whose way of living and thinking about their lives will be inspiring to others, people whose attitudes and approaches already make them good examples for others. We also want a group with diverse backgrounds, life experiences, and perspectives, because we want our group quickly to establish a broad range of recommendations, which we hope will attract a broad range of readers and thinkers.

Whom are we trying to reach?

Anyone who would like to be happier. Is it a lady from South Africa, a German business man, a teenager, or corn farmer in Iowa? We just don’t know. We hope that nearly everyone believes that things can be better than they currently are.

How are we going to connect to a billion people?

One at a time.

We would love to hear from you. Please contact us.

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