A little about me…. let us see: (cause how can you sum up the total of a person in a few lines of text?)

I am a single mom of three. I am starting my own business after a 14.5 year career in the computer industry. I love and enjoy spending time with my friends and am a fanatic about cribbage.

In addition to my three beautiful and inspiring little ones, I also look out for two (sometimes more) teens that have had a rough time as of late. I think and live with generosity and believe that what you put forth, is what you receive. What I have also found, is though you may do that, you have to be also willing to receive.

What My blog is about….Life is a journey that is worth celebrating. Our children come in this world beautiful and with much abundance ahead of them…. We wouldn’t take that from them. So, with intent, I am sharing with you my journey on allowing. And celebrating the joys that come with all experiences that I encounter. There are stuggles, but we will find the joy that was asked for initially.

You are in the right place with the right folks to find out what that all means.

Have a blessed day and I look forward to sharing this experience with you.

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